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    Seventh Sense Healing loves the chakras. Through yoga, meditation, energy work, massage, crystal healing, nutrition and health advice guidance and mentoring, Seventh Sense Healing will help you bring your body, mind and spirit into balance.
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    Yoga Class

    Seventh Sense Healing provides a range of yoga classes from chakra flow yoga, where we work through the chakras to heal and balance the body and mind, to specialist classes for cyclists, runners and athletes.

    We work with a range of yoga postures to help strengthen the body, release tension and avoid injury and family yoga, where we provide classes for families and children to practice yoga together.

    Seventh Sense Healing also provides 1-2-1 yoga classes, yoga for private bookings, yoga for corporate spaces and special education needs yoga.

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    Treatment or Healing

    Seventh Sense Healing offers a range of treatments and healing practices including Swedish Holistic Massage, Reiki and energy healing, Chakra healing and Crystal healing. Seventh Sense also provides health and nutrition advice, guidance and mentoring and card readings. You can also book deluxe combination treatments.

    Upcoming Yoga Classes & Treatments

    See below our current timetable of upcoming Yoga Classes & Treatments.

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    I highly recommend Annelie of seventh healing.I found the yoga classes have really helped with my lower back complaint, the atmosphere is very friendly and you don't need to be a yogi expert either.
    I'm a keen cyclist and attend the gym regularly, Annelie runs a chakra yoga class for movement of subtle energy around the body, this class has helped with my fitness levels and I have found that extra energy to push harder when working out. And for relaxation of the mind as well as the body I attend Reiki. Annelie is well connected to all that is energetic and these reiki sessions have helped me combat the stresses of my and busy lifestyle.


    As being a keen runner and going in for yearly running races. Every sports enthusiast knows how important stretching is. Annelie offers special yoga classes aimed at runners, cyclists & athletes. Plus is an excellent teacher for beginners to experienced.


    When I lived in Exeter I went, with my family, to Annelie’s classes. Can’t recommend them enough- anymore who can stay calm, connected and teach an amazing class with my kids is awesome!


    Anna's yoga classes are well taught with a friendly atmosphere. I leave feeling centred, relaxed and well stretched. I have had both reki and crystal healing from Anna. It was spiritually uplifting and I felt cleansed and refreshed afterwards.


    I needed to find a class that was easy to fit in with my work life, one that I enjoyed as I’m not experienced. After my first session I was booking in for weeks- I’ve tired a few of the sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday Wednesday being my favourite as it gets me over my mid-week struggle... the class is so relaxed and the people who attend are at mixed levels of experience. Annelie is a great teacher.. come along to discover for yourself.


    I’ve been going Annelie’s classes for over 3 years and I can honestly say I feel more energised and calmer in my mind. It’s opened my eyes to other practices too - it’s been life changing for me.


    Annelie is a wonderful yoga teacher and her classes really cater for all yogis experienced, beginner and everywhere in between. Highly recommend

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