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Seventh Sense Healing Limited was set up by Annelie Carver in 2018 after running Look Within Yoga for six years and Yoga for Children for three years. Annelie transferred Look Within Yoga and Yoga for Children to Seventh Sense Healing which trades under Seventh Sense Healing Limited.

Seventh Sense Healing loves the chakras. Through yoga, meditation, energy work, massage, crystal healing, nutrition and health advice guidance and mentoring, Seventh Sense Healing aims to help you bring your body, mind and spirit into balance.

Annelie Carver

Annelie has been practicing yoga for most of her life and her first experience of yoga was practicing the ‘lion breath’ at around the age of six with her parents. Over the years, Annelie has experimented with yoga styles ranging from hatha and iyengar to ashtangakundalini and vinyasa flow.

In 2010, Annelie began her yoga teacher training with Angela Ashwin and the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY). Annelie qualified as a hatha yoga teacher with BWY in 2013. Annelie’s style of yoga teaching incorporates the BWY teaching traditions of asana and pranayama into her classes along with her own distinctive style of teaching. Annelie has developed a yoga class for cyclists, runners and athletes, chakra flow yoga, family and teens yoga classes as well as offering 1-2-1 yoga classes and private yoga group class bookings. 

Annelie originally trained as a corporate lawyer and has two children. Annelie has lived a very fast paced life and was a single mum at times raising her children, working and running the family home. Annelie recognised that she needed to take a step back from her legal career, and working part-time as a freelance lawyer, she started to build up her yoga classes. During this period, Annelie noted that she had suffered from food intolerances for over ten years and had spent a lot of time reading about different foods and how they can impact the body and overall health (these types of issues are often overlooked by traditional medicine). Annelie felt that there must be other options available to people outside of traditional medicine to heal the body and has spent many years studying and researching alternative health remedies.

Whilst Annelie was studying for the BWY teacher training course she learnt about the chakras, developing a fascination which led her to want to learn more. After meeting a number of Reiki practitioners, she started to learn more about Reiki, healing and the chakras. Annelie loves yoga; practising yoga and teaching adults and children for many years but felt that the body needed more than yoga to fully heal. Annelie believes that if all the chakras are in balance then the body and mind will be in balance causing less illness and disease in the body and fewer mental health issues.

Annelie discovered Reiki in 2016 and experienced the profound effects it has on healing the energy body which in turn helps to heal the physical body and helps with our emotional health. Annelie strongly believes that most of our imbalances in our body whether mental, emotional or physical result from our chakras being out of balance. Annelie started to work with the chakras and crystals during yoga classes and Reiki treatments. As a result, Annelie studied nutrition, crystal healing and Swedish massage and was attuned as a Reiki 3 master practitioner. Annelie has always worked with cards and started to offer guidance readings as part of Reiki treatments and also as standalone readings. In 2018, Annelie had Aura-Transformation and now incorporates crystal energy healing into her treatments.


Aura Mediator

British Wheel Yoga Teacher – Hatha Yoga Teacher

Yogakidz – Children’s Yoga Teacher

Reiki 1

Reiki 2

Reiki 3 Master Practitioner

Swedish Massage Therapist – Ostara Therapies


Transcendental Meditation 2013 – Maharishi Foundation

Self-love course – Blisscloud

Deep Inner Knowing course – Vela Souls

30-day Gratitude Challenge – Blisscloud

AuraTransformation 2017  – Sarah Jennings

Aura Mediator – March 2019 – Sarah Jennings

Current studies

Crystal Healing – The School of Natural Health Science

Nutritional Healing – Nutritional Healing Foundation

Holistic massage – The School of Natural Health Science

Teens Yoga – Yogakidz

Special Educational Needs Yoga – Yogakidz


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