ajnaWhat is Ajna?

What is its history?

The sixth chakra is known as Ajna, also called the third eye chakra. This chakra is located in the brain, just above the base of your nose. This chakra is associated with the eyes, brow and base of the skull and translated it means ‘way of the third eye’. This chakra represents superior mental consciousness and its job is to coordinate the cerebellum and the pituitary gland. It can also be known as the mental centre. Its colour is indigo. This chakra combines all elements to become light – it is associated with intuition and imagination.

What does this chakra do?

If your Ajna is blocked it can cause trouble for the wellbeing of your body. It helps with neurological function and regulates the pituitary gland. So, if this is blocked it stops your body being able to fight infection, sleep and your metabolism will be out of balance. Some of the symptoms of this could be migraines, sciatica, seizures and poor vision. Emotionally you may find that you are very low and anxious.

How can Seventh Sense Healing help you?

When this chakra is balanced you will seek to forgive and be compassionate to others and you will feel much more empathic. Reiki can help with unblocking, together with healthy eating. Once balanced you will feel more at peace with your choices and able to take things as they come.

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