muladharaWhat is Maladhara?

What is its history?

Maladhara is the first chakra, more commonly known as the base centre chakra. It is located at the base of the spine, the perineum, helping with the pelvis, hips, knees as well as the kidneys, adrenal glands, lower back, bowel movement and even the sciatic nerve. The rough translation of Maladhara is ‘root support’. It is red in colour and its element is earth. It is associated with nourishment and innocence.

What does this chakra do?

This chakra is linked to your energetic foundation. It helps you with finding the right path. If this chakra is blocked it may mean that your energetic flow is negative and you may encounter problems such as trouble connecting with others, financial difficulties or find yourself regularly being indecisive and disorientated. You may struggle to hold down a job or a relationship. Some of these blockages may stem from a trauma in childhood, and possibly through a divorce or poverty. This may mean you find yourself overcompensating, becoming possessive or controlling, especially in close relationships.

This chakra governs the digestive system. If this is blocked you may find you suffer from obesity, constipation, lower back pain and maybe even arthritis.

How can Seventh Sense Healing help you?

Working this chakra can help you to really connect with your body and self in a more positive way. It will help bring about a sense of wellbeing and calm, helping you find inner courage and strength. Relationships will flourish and you will rid yourself of the negative thoughts you have previously had. It will help to free you from past cycles of behaviour and give you a new lease of life.

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