svadhisthanaWhat is Svadhisthana?

What is its history?

Svadhisthana is the second chakra. This chakra is located just below the navel and above the public bone. It includes the hypogastric plexus and the genital area. It is also known as the sexual and creativity chakra. Svadhisthana translated means ‘the dwelling place of the self’. It is orange in colour and its element is water. It is associated with wellness, abundance joy and pleasure.

Functions and benefits of working the creative/sexual chakra

If this chakra is out of balance it can lead to feelings of depression, emotional unbalance, addiction and sexual dysfunction. You can open this chakra by expressing yourself creatively. This doesn’t have to necessarily mean art or making something – for example, whenever you solve a problem you or are working with raw materials, that’s being creative. Act like a child, grab a piece of paper and some paint and just splatter it on the page. That’s creative! You never know, you might discover your inner artist.

How can Seventh Sense Healing help you?

To unblock this chakra, you need to let go of feelings that no longer serve you. Get rid of negative feelings and fears, especially in relation to passion and sexual desires. Get in touch with your sensual side, learn to love yourself. Regular Reiki sessions can help by allowing you to get in touch with these unbalanced emotions and allowing you to replace them with joyful, more fulfilling memories. We may find when this chakra is blocked that we start to suffer from lower back pain or pelvic pain, or that we feel less empowered and in control. Reiki can help to rebuild that balance and bring about emotional healing and wellbeing.

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