vishuddhaWhat is Vishuddha?

What is its history?

Vishuddha is the fifth chakra. A sky-blue chakra situated in the throat. Vishuddha in Hindu means purification. The throat chakra is situated in the hollow of the neck region near the spine and is related to many parts of our bodies including ears and mouth and well as the senses of hearing and speech.

Functions and benefits of working the throat chakra

The functions of Vishuddha are not only physical but also mental and psychological. This chakra is associated with the thyroid gland which releases hormones into the body. This in turn helps with growth and development. This gland also regulates your metabolism and helps with the functioning of the larynx, ears, trachea, nose, teeth, throat, mouth and carotid arteries. Therefore, when your throat chakra is blocked it can cause many problems such as fatigue, laryngitis, cold sores and headaches to name just a few.

This chakra is also linked to the power of speech which can be affected greatly when this chakra is blocked. In some cases, this can make people behave more angrily and aggressive towards others. When your throat chakra is in balance we are more likely to listen to those around us. It allows us to see things more clearly. Gives us more focus and clarity. We are less likely to see the world as hostile and violent.

How can Seventh Sense Healing help you?

Reiki practitioners all have their own way of working but in order to clear your throat chakra most will place their hands on your collarbone and throat. If you’re a male they’ll rotate their hands left and for females they’ll rotate their hands right. They may also ask you to visualise something blue for example a blue sky or deep blue sea or they may use blue gemstones. Aromatherapy may also be used

Once your chakra is unblocked you should find you are more in tune with your emotions and can communicate your feelings better.

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