Information / Questions & Answers


1. Who are Yoga for Children?
2. What ARE the benefits of yoga and relaxation?
3. Useful Information & Q&A’s
4. Prices and Gift Vouchers
6. Testimonials
7. Terms and conditions

1. Yoga for Children

Yoga for Children is run by Annelie Carver.  Annelie has been practising yoga for most of her life and has been teaching yoga for around 5 years. Annelie’s first experience of yoga was practicing the ‘lion breath’ at around the age of six with her parents. Over the years, she has experimented with styles ranging from hatha and iyengar to ashtanga, kundalini and vinyasa flow. Annelie decided to teach yoga as she wanted to share the positive benefits of yoga with others. Annelie qualified as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and has obtained a further teaching diploma with  Annelie has children and really enjoys working with children and teenagers.  Annelie has a DBS certificate and is fully insured.

2. Benefits of Yoga

There are so many positive benefits of yoga. We have listed the main ones below:

  • Improve concentration;
  • Improve flexibility and fitness;
  • Helps children to be calm;
  • Helps children relax;
  • Promotes more restful sleep
  • Improves coordination;
  • Reduce exam stress;
  • Reduce anxieties;
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

3. Useful information & Q&A’s

Part A – Q&A’s

1. How long will lessons run for?
Lessons may last between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the child’s age and whether the class is a private class or a group class. Please check the schedule for class details.

2. How many are in a class?
Class sizes are generally between 4-10 students.

3. Can I stay with my child during class?
Parents are welcome to stay with their child during class. Parents can sit and watch or join in.

4. Can I join in with the class?
Yes, we have family yoga classes and parents and toddler classes where parents and children can practice yoga together. Parents are also welcome to join in during the other classes.

5. I don’t think my child will keep still
The classes contain a range of yoga activities – we learn postures, we do short routines to music, we use posture cards and yoga games and activities. We don’t expect children to keep still for long!

6. I’m worried my toddler will walk off/ won’t participate
Don’t worry, in toddler yoga we do lots of short yoga activities and short yoga routines to songs. We know that toddlers have short attention spans and need lots of stimulation. Our classes are designed to keep your toddlers engaged. It can take a couple of weeks for toddlers to join in. Often toddlers will watch and learn for the first one or two classes and then start to join in.

7. Can I bring my baby to Toddler Yoga?
Toddler yoga is designed for ages about 2.5 years up (although we have had some 18-20 months old join the classes and can pick things up very quickly).

8. Can I bring younger siblings to classes?
In most of our classes it will be possible to bring a younger sibling along depending on the age. Please contact us to discuss.

9. I have children that sit in the different age ranges – can they attend the same class?
This will be possible for family yoga and parent and toddler yoga. We do have some siblings attending the different age classes with their brothers or sisters. Please contact us to discuss so we can advise which class will be most suitable.

10. What should we wear?
Loose comfortable fitting clothes preferably cotton. Leggings, t-shirts, tracksuit pants, sweatshirts etc are all fine.

11. Do we need to bring mats?
Yoga for Children has all the equipment needed for classes, however, students are able to bring their own mats if they choose.

12. How can I pay for the classes?
You can pay in cash, by bank transfer (contact us for details) or by paypal.

13. Do you do 1-2-1 lessons?
Yes, we do 1-2-1 classes. Please contact us for more information.

Part B – Useful Info

  • Please try to arrive five minutes before the class start time;
  • Make sure your child is wearing clothes that are loose and comfortable fitting clothes preferably cotton. Leggings, t-shirts, tracksuit pants, sweatshirts etc are all fine. Layers are good are in case they start to get warm. A jumper or cardigan is great to put on for relaxation at the end;
  • Bring along some water and a snack for the end of class as they may be hungry once they have finished;
  • Remember to turn your mobile phones off or switch to silent settings if you are watching or joining in;
  • Lessons will incorporate a warm up followed by yoga postures and will end with breathing, relaxation and meditation;
  • Yoga is a progressive non-competitive practice. Each child will develop at their own pace and level during each class;
  • Don’t worry if your child can’t quite do the postures to start. We don’t tend to correct children just give lots of positive encouragement. They will get there in their own time;
  • Don’t worry if you child just wants to watch to begin with or is a bit shy. They will be taking it all in and learning. Again, we let children develop at their own pace and when they are ready they will start to join in;
  • If you are coming to parents and toddler yoga, don’t worry if your little one walks away or gets distracted at times. Again, they will join back in when they are ready. We don’t correct little ones in the postures. They will get there is their own time with the postures. They will be watching, listening and learning and taking it all in;
  • Please let us know if you are not going to be able to make it as we may be able to offer your space to someone else that week. Ideally 48 hours’ notice before class would be great.

4. Prices

Group classes: Prices are £5.00 per family (1 parent and child), £2.00 for each extra parent and £2.00 for each extra child.

1-2-1 classes: Prices will start at £30 and will vary depending on length and location of class.

Private classes: The prices will vary depending on length and location of class and numbers attending.

Festivals and Events: Prices available on request.


Charlie, Exeter
I booked a private family yoga session for myself and my 8-year old daughter so we could start a home practice together. Annelie had planned the session well and made it interesting and fun for us both. She kept telling my daughter how well she was doing which really helped her confidence and fear of ‘looking silly’. Annelie’s knowledge and experience, combined with her ability to build an instant rapport with children whilst considering their unique needs when it comes to practising yoga, make her a brilliant teacher for this age group!

Karina, Chudleigh
Thank you so much for starting and running the group. My children just love it so much, they are always so excited about Yoga day!! And I have found it has really helped them relax and that is a true gift to give a child.

Gary Milne, Head Coach, Devon County Golf Union
Thank you for all your hard work with the Devon under 14 & under 16 golf squads today. The boys loved the yoga and would like to do more! 2 great sessions!

Big Fish Little Fish
Thanks to Yoga for Children for hosting the great Family Yoga sessions upstairs. They were in high demand, so much so that the 3 pm session took over the entire room, with people getting involved even without a mat!