Key tips to manifest with the New Moon




                                                                              MANIFESTING TIPS


  1. Find a quiet time where you can concentrate and focus and set your goals


  1. Set your goal and be as specific as you can.


Don’t just say I would like a new job. Be specific and say I would like a new job, where I feel appreciated and challenged, I have a nice boss and will get on with my colleagues. I will earn X money and so on. Otherwise you will get a new job but not the one you really long for.


  1. Believe that you are worthy of receiving this goal and become aware of any old thought patterns and mind chatter that may contradict your goal.


Don’t set a goal and then say to yourself this will never really happen, I am not good enough, people won’t like my idea, no one will come to my classes, I won’t be able to afford it, I’m not sure I will make enough money….


If you find yourself starting negative mind chatter become aware of this and stop the pattern and say some positive affirmations instead. For example, I am living my dream life, I have my new dream job, I have bought my dream house…


  1. Don’t just think about your goal – see it,feel it, dream it, believe it and be it. Imagine yourself there doing it, living it and being it. Make the goal a reality in your mind.


  1. Set your goal/intentions with the new moon (also can do this at a full moon).


  1. Tell people about your goal.


You don’t need to tell people the exact specifics but speak it and commit to it. As you verbalise your goals it sends messages to the universe and you will start to move towards your goal. If you keep it bottled up you could get energy blocks and you won’t move forward.


  1. Create a vision board which could have pictures, ideas and more detail. Sending the universe more clarity on your goals.


  1. Visualise your dream as much as you can.


  1. Start taking steps to make it a reality – take a course, create a plan, write out the steps that need to happen to make this a reality


  1. Clear out any old things to make way for your new life and dreams – you need to get rid of the old to make way for the new. You might start working part time to study or do a course or start to treat clients. You might clear out old things at home and declutter.


  1. Don’t hold onto it too tightly or try to control it. Set clear intentions and let the universe help you.


  1. Manifest your dreams for the highest good and ask for this or something better. Universe may have bigger and better plans for you : )


  1. Look out for the signs and opportunities that come up for you and follow them up and action them i.e. signing up for a course, going to a networking event and so on.


Good luck. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. You can do this : )


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